Author: DEA Performance   Date Posted:24 May 2016 

DEA Performance was fast approaching its’ 3 year Anniversary since going online.  We wanted to do something a little special and felt that a video would be a good way to go.  We also identified that customers whom would pick up their orders were amazed at our size and were unaware of the type of products and services we offered and oblivious to the fact a lot of our systems were made in house using our mandrel bender.  Some were totally unaware that our range included not just cat back exhausts but also exhaust tips, extractors, 4X4 gear, Idrives, performance chips, suspension systems just to name a few.  So how could we change that?  How could we give people a better idea of who we are from more than just an “about us page” on the website? 


Let’s do a video…………… hmmmm so we began looking online and came across Bez from Bez Media.  We started watching some of his work via You Tube and it became apparent that he was not only passionate about the automotive industry but also liked capturing it on video.  A quick phone call and it was not long before he came to consult with us on what we were after.  After reviewing some more of his work and then showing him around our head office, warehouse and fitting floor, it was just a matter of planning out what we were after.  Bez was very easy to understand and explained to us how he would go about it.


Next was a proposal/outline from Bez to which we were happy with and then establishing a mutually convenient time for the shooting of the video.  The day of the shoot turned out to be a great sunny day for filming.  It was fantastic to see a wide range of vehicles show up on the day thanks to some generous friends and associates.


Bez was there early to plan out the layout and make sure we had things in place ready for filming.  Lights, Camera, Action.  The filming took a few hours that was broken up by a delicious spit and salads to help ease the hunger pains .  Bez was professional in his approach and very easy to deal with.  It was not long before the filming had finished and we all packed up and went home…………. well Bez then returned to his office to weave his magic in the editing room. 


A few days later we were presented with a first draft of the edit.  After viewing the footage our suggestions were put forward to Bez whom visited us for further editing on site.  He grabbed a little more footage of what we felt needed adding before returning with an updated version.  From this point we made some minor suggested tweaks and it was not long before we had our final product. 


Check it out for yourselves - Click Here.  Thanks Bez on a job well done!!  We look forward in working with you on future media type projects. 


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