Author: DEA Performance   Date Posted:22 February 2016 

With what seems an ever increasing expense when it comes to fuelling our vehicles how can we still enjoy our favourite past times?  Whether you are a 4WD enthusiast whom lives and breathes it or are simply a casual weekend driver then an SW Performance Chip may be for you.

Being in the industry we are fortunate enough to get a taste of the gadgets available.  When it comes to saving a hole in the pocket at the servo whilst gaining some extra power then we were certainly open ears and keen to try.

With us wanting a little more control and flexibility we opted for the Pro+ Boost Control over the Economy Chip.  The Pro+ Boost offering 5 maps and 9 fine tuning adjustments whereas the less expensive economy model offers 2 maps and 5 adjustments. 

It really comes down to personal choice but if you have an extra $400 to spend then the Pro+ Boost may be the way to go.  If having extra maps and tuning adjustments is not so important to you then then save yourself some $ and go the Economy Chip.

So what did our drivers have to say?  What did they think of the performance chips?


Ford PX MKII Ranger 3.2 Litre

“………rather good………could definitely tell the difference in power after having the chip fitted………….better on takeoff………….better at overtaking……. can feel the improvement when towing……… some saving in fuel………………….power gain more noticeable than fuel gains".


Toyota Hilux Kun 26 D4D 

Our driver had a lot to say.  “Before we had come across the performance chips the vehicle was actually recalled back to Toyota to have an airbag spring replaced under warranty.  It was during this time Toyota mechanics noticed the injector seals needed replacing, so I got them replaced.  When I first got the vehicle back it seemed to underperform compared to what I was used too.  It seemed to struggle and have lag. 

At the time I didn’t have time to work out what it may have been – what may have been causing this.  Then along comes SW Diesel showcasing some of their wares.  I wanted to give them a go and to see if their chips could help me gain the power I at least once had. 

I got the Pro+ Boost Chip fitted and had it set to a standard setting.  I noticed an instant improvement in power.  As an added bonus I found I was saving some $ on fuel. 

After a few weeks I wondered what it would be like if I had it tuned to a higher setting.  A quick phone call to SW Diesel and they suggested some optimal settings for more power.  I had the guys in our workshop tune it to the settings recommended and am very happy. 

I have much more power, don’t experience any lag and the vehicle does not struggle – even with a full load.  It is probably costing me a little more in fuel but I am reluctant to give up this extra power.  So yeah my overall experience with the SW Diesel Performance Chip has been fantastic"


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